bodyART™ classes

bodyART™ is a high energy movement class. The bodyART™ format is a fully integrated mind-body experience, that incorporates elements of control/release technique, modern dance, strength conditioning and physical therapy exercises. It uses the principles of yin and yang to explore polarities and find balance. The class follows a 5 phase system, that fluidly progresses through energy arrival, expansion, circulation, descent, and relaxation. It also incorporates myofascial release techniques to help you leave feeling fully energized and beautifully connected to your body and mind. Come prepared to move to inspiring music and to sweat! 

bodyART is a transformative practice that helps you become centered by connecting your mind and body - and you get an amazing workout! I practice yoga, pilates, and Gyrotonic and bodyART brings the best of all those practices together for me!
— Teresa May
bodyART™ is so much fun!
— Erin Grisham
I practice mostly Ashtanga yoga and circuit training but when I discovered bodyART I fell in love with the idea and practice of it. If you seek and desire repetition, focus on your core, growth and deep breathing in your exercises than this class is for you!
— Paul Momenee